Hey Babe,

    It’s been 5 months, I haven’t seen you after you broke up and left me but it feels like 5 years have passed. Baby, I love you a lot and miss you every second of my life. It feels like something is missing in me as ‘you’ complete me. Yes, I am breathing but there is no life left within me as you are my life and you will be forever. I cried and cried a lot that day and I lost my smile forever. I still remember the days we spent together and time used to flee away so fast that even an hour used to seem like a minute. Every hour of those Saturday’s you spent in my arms were like heaven for me.

    Yes, your HUG was the best feeling ever, I felt like a small kid when you took me in your arms, the warmth of your HUG used to make me forget my frustration and tensions. I used to be in a different world altogether when you were with me.

    Babe, I am sure you had your reasons, your choices but lying to me was not an option. I still trusted all your lies and accepted the way you are. But now, every single moment of my life I am dying, hoping for you to come back with your smile, which is the cutest smile in the world. My ears are dying to listen ‘Babu, I love you’, ‘Misshing my baccha, what is he doing?’, ‘Babu, nahi na kisshi nahi karneka’, ‘Mujhe Shmoke karna hai’. Each time I smoke a cigarette I smoke an extra one for you assuming that you are still besides me. I still feel the fragrance of the perfume you used to wear, which was my favorite, and my eyes try to find you hoping to see you nearby. Every single day my heart beats for you. I can’t find happiness anywhere else as I was happy with you and I know deep inside that I will be happy with you. I might be an idiot for the rest of the world, but for you I was me, myself. Many people say that it happens it’s a part of life, time will heal everything, you will forget her and you will move on, she didn’t deserve your LOVE but nobody said that she will come back, she will love you more than before except my heart. Nobody supported me as the way I feel except my heart and you did. You knew me, you understood me, you knew what and how I feel and how I am.

    No, don’t worry I won’t call and disturb you because I don’t want to force my love on you as you said while breaking up that I forced you to love me but Baby, I swear I don’t know how to force someone for love. Out of entire life I have spent till now, those seven years I spent with you were the best of my life. I fear that I have to spend the rest of the life without you because I know I can’t.

    I fear waking up and facing a new dawn. I fear my life. Where I was confident and strong enough to face the world when you were with me.

    I don’t even know if you will read this, but I can just hope now. If this letter makes any sense to you, come back. I want to live my LIFE the way I used to with you before. I don’t wish for anything else, but a happy life with you. I believe you are my soul and my LIFE. God bless you and Love you forever.


-Parag Salunke ( Video Editor/ Content Producer/ Assistant Director/ Writer)


Make sure your Parents read this!!!


All the parents (of each Caste and Religion) in India,

First of all, I would like to thank you for raising us till we became an adult, an adult which can think, can take his/her own decisions, who is of the age of getting married (according to you), who is of the age of taking responsibility of the family.

Alright, enough of thanksgiving, now let me come straight to the point. I understand that you have lived a happy life by marrying someone, your parents chose for you but that doesn’t mean that you do the same with your child.

Every individual has the right to LOVE and MARRY with whom they want too (Be it a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Straight). LOVE is not a crime. Well, if it is, then the love you gave us since childhood should be considered as crime, isn’t it??

Everyone has a life, you, me, everybody. Just because you are a parent, doesn’t mean that you can tie us to an unknown person of your choice by saying “Accha Ladka/Ladki hai, tum bahut khush rahoge/rahogi“. Who knows if he/she is a Good or bad? How do you guarantee that your child is going to be happy?

Not marrying a person of your choice doesn’t mean we disrespect you, we don’t love you or we are going to leave you alone. We love you as much as you loved us since our birth, but don’t you think, as an adult now we should have the right to decide for ourselves, take our decisions even if they are wrong. How are we going to get strong enough to handle situations if we are not able to take our decisions and live our life by abiding to your decisions?

Why do you think marrying someone from another caste or religion will spoil your image in the society, will cut your so called ‘NAAK‘(Nose)? Why do you care what people will say if your child marries someone from other caste? Why are you letting your child’s happiness and future fall into the hands of some people from your caste and religion who just talk and have no other work to do. You must understand that people talk for a while, but then everything settles down and no one cares.

Love never knew and will never know caste or racial discrimination. It just happens with anyone! Read Bhagvadgeeta, Quran or Bible, nowhere does it mention that if you marry someone outside your religion or if you go for a Love marriage you will be punished in HELL!!

Your generation was different, you wore bell bottoms, salwar kameez and kurta, and our generation is different, we like to wear tight jeans, T-shirts and mini-skirts. Why can’t you see that we are not into arrange marriages anymore? We wish to find our soulmate by ourselves, we call it Love.

Why do you want to kill our dreams and wishes in the name of HONOUR? I understand your concerns regarding our future and happiness, but give us a chance to live our life on our own terms and conditions, that will define us. We will come to know what we are.

Businessmen, often tend to arrange a marriage for the profits and the financial support they will receive from other family, they don’t even think what their child wants or whom they want to marry. Is Marriage a profit or loss relation for you guys? Why do you involve your business in your child’s life? Keep your business aside from your child’s future and love relations they have a life apart from your business.

Please respect our decisions as we respected yours when we were kids. Please stop honour killing and raping of your very own child. Let them Live and I am sure they will make you feel proud someday!

P.S Majority of the parents will think I have written bullshit here, but for those who understand, explain the importance to your neighbours or people around you!

Yours Faithfully

-Parag Salunke ( Video Editor/ Content Producer/ Associate Producer/ Writer)


What defines a “Guy”?

Generally speaking! (Not every other guy in this world is the same as what you think!)

Most of the girls, have wrong impressions about guys, so let me ask a question to those girls “What defines a guy?”

The following lines might change your perception towards guys!

1. A guy is the one who makes you laugh when you are sad.

Source: read.plash.in

2. He is the one who brings you loads of chocolates, even though he hates them.

Source: japancrush.com

3. He is the one who loves you more than himself.

Source: true-love.in

4. He is the one who changes his bad habits completely for you no matter how bad it gets and no matter how bad he wants to be “Himself.”

Source: au.reachout.com

5. He is the one who is always besides you when you really need him.

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

6. He is the one who talks to you over the phone at night or any random time of the day and listens to you, silently, no matter how bad he wants to sleep, how bad he is tired or how bad he is busy at work!

Source: mallofstyle.com

7. You sometimes force that guy to change so that he can match your preferences and then when he does that, he is the one who goes through the torture of break up when the only reason you give is “You have changed a lot I don’t feel that spark anymore. It’s not working anymore between us.”


8. He is the one who doesn’t even say a word and respects your feeling, though he is hurt badly deep inside, though he wants to cry badly. He doesn’t even express anything to you knowing the fact that you won’t understand him after hearing all those excuses from you.


9. When you breakup with him, there are 10 others wolves waiting to pounce on you and take their chances. Yes, being a girl you find a date easily, but he waits for you, hoping that you realise how much he loves you, but you don’t show up.

Source: modniritam.com

10. You date a random wolf whom u don’t even know. You feel that you will be happy forever, but that wolf, uses you only for benefits and then you feel hurt.

Source: i2.wp.com/www.brobible.com

11. When you get hurt, you realise the pain of that guy and then suddenly you feel guilty that you left a guy who loved you, who understood you and so you call him to meet you.

Source: loveisnotaboutgender.files.wordpress.com

12. Being a gentleman he is the one who comes to meet you and shows a nice smile on his face and greets you even though he is still emotionally hurt from the inside.

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

13. You do apologise to him for what happened, and ask him to come back.

Source: phraseturner.files.wordpress.com

14. Even though he wants to accept you, he doesn’t. You know the reason?
No, No not because you are not a virgin anymore, not because he doesn’t love you anymore or not because he has someone else in his life now BUT ONLY because you left him ALONE when he really needed you to be besides him!

Source: mouthymag.com

15. And yes he is still the only one who pays the bill for the coffee you just drank and walks away without showing the pain and tears in his eyes!!!

Source: exboyfriendrecovery.org

P.S. Never lose the guy who truly loves you! Come on pickup your phone and call him. He might still be waiting for you!

-Parag Salunke ( Video Editor/ Content Producer/ Assistant Director/ Writer)